Favorite Park City Restaurants In No Particular Order

| May 4, 2016
Top 11 Park City Restaurants

My Favorite Park City Restaurants

This is a Pinterest collage of my favorite Park City Restaurants.  Park City has come a long way in terms of culinary choices over the years.  I have been coming to Park City to enjoy its magic for over 26 years and now the choices for eateries has really blossomed.  Our family go to spot for years was the Grubsteak on Sidewinder which meant piling in the car to drive over there from 421 Woodside.   Either that or walk down to Ciseros, Wasatch Brew Pub or go big at Grappa.  Now just down the street in one direction you have High West Distillery and the other direction Chimayo.  Most all of these spots in this collage are within walking distance of 421 Woodside so you can try out them all on a weeklong vacation.  Only the Grubsteak requires a trip on the free Park City shuttle or a short car ride.  Below is more of a review list of my favorite Park City Restaurants.

Favorite Park City Restaurants Review

Purlple Sage                    435.655.9505                    http://www.purplesageparkcity.com/

An American bistro on Main Street that has great food and excellent service. I left my credit card there after a fab dinner and they mailed it to my home in San Francisco. I like this place.

Ciseros                              435.649.5044                     http://www.ciseros.com

Cisero, Ciseros, Ciseros….I have eaten here many a time and really like their Italian food. It’s very reasonably priced and the service is good. The club downstairs is legendary in my world and I was getting in there with a fake ID over 22 years ago with my Dad. You have to go to Ciseros at least once during your stay.

Wasatch Brew Pub          435.645.9500                    www.wasatchbeers.com

This place has a lot of nostalgia for our family. This was my Dad’s favorite place back in the day and we shot many a pool game on the two tables upstairs. It’s a fun place to watch the NFL on Sundays and the beer is awesome. It is the first brewery in state, top of Main Street, family friendly, great for lunch or dinner

Butchers Chop House      435.647.0040                     www.butcherschophouse.com

At the bottom of Woodside and adjacent to the town lift. I can’t count the number of times I have been here over the years. The décor is awesome and the food is good and so is the service. I heart this place out of consistency and familiarity. Known for steaks, late night dining, great bar area with full menu and bar menu until 1am.

High West Distillery        435.649.8300                     http://www.highwest.com/

Oh High West, how you have become of the hottest Park City Restaurants.?   Maybe because you have the best whiskey in town and your food is delicious. Not to mention you are literally at the end of our street. Highly recommended if you can get a resi.

Chimayo                             435.649.6222                      http://chimayorestaurant.com/

Located at the bottom of the staircase closest to 421 Woodside, Chimayo is a little boutique southwestern restaurant that is high on décor and entrée price. All entrees are between $35-60. I recently went here with my San Francisco friends and we were in a bit of sticker shock for what was served. Cool place but not a value play.

Bistro 412                           435.649.8211                       http://bistro412.com/

Cool little boutique restaurant in the middle of Main Street. Great food and our server was super cool the last time I ate here.

Zoom                                   435.649.9108                      http://www.zoomparkcity.com

Made the obligatory trip here the last time I attended the Sundance film festival. I can’t remember how the food was but the ambiance was great and we had an awesome time. Check it out if ya can.

Grub Steak                          435.649.8060                     http://grubsteakrestaurant.com/

This was our goto family spot for over 15 years. Excellent food and value. Great for large parties. The service was out of this world, mostly because DJ was literally our server every time we went in there. Off the beaten path a little and you probably won’t make it here unless you rented a car. If you rented a car, make sure to go here.

Grapa                                   435.645.0636                      http://grapparestaurant.com/

The goto spot for celebrating something. The décor is exceptional and the servers seem to know you are in there to celebrate so they add to the fun. The food is very, very good. If you are looking to celebrate and can get a resi…go for it!

Wahso                                  435.615.0300                      www.wahso.com

Can’t beat the décor or ambiance, known for sea bass and saketinis (martinis made with sake- watch out!) Request a booth, not the same if sitting in main room.  They can price gouge in the winter, check menu or website for prices, in off season always lower prices and run coupons






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